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11” x 8 1/2”, 96 pages.

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Alaska’s Magnificent Eagles by Cary Anderson is a celebration of the
tenacity, strength and beauty of one of the world’s most
recognizable birds. Illustrated with a collection of stunning
full-color photographs, this is an in depth look at the eagle
as a symbol, as a powerful raptor and, most of all,
as a magnificent creature.

This documentary for the Alaska Geographic Society focuses on Alaska’s most
abundant eagle species, the majestic bald eagle, but highlights each of North America’s four species,
all of which can be found in Alaska. The well-researched text details not only eagle behavior, but the history,
folklore and preservation that have allowed eagles to thrive in a land that once persecuted them.

Alaska's Magnificent Eagles covers a wide array of material from the bounty killing
of eagles in Alaska to the largest congregation of eagles in the
country at the Chilkat Valley.

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